3 Easy DIY Seed Starting Containers


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I want to share 3 easy DIY seed-starting containers with you that you can make today. This is the time of year when I start thinking about starting my seeds for my garden. You can use everyday items you already have in your home to start your seeds. Sure you could go to the store and purchase containers to start your seeds but why not make your own for free?

1. Toilet Paper Roll Pot

This DIY seed starting container is easy. Everyone has toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls in their house. You need 2 things to create toilet paper roll pots:

Five toilet paper rolls without toilet paper and a pair of scissors with blue handles
Toilet Paper Rolls and Scissors

Take the Toilet Paper Roll and cut 4 slits part of the way up the sides. Fold the pieces you just cut into the bottom of the pot. Fold them together like you would a cardboard box. Easy simple and free way to use something that is usually sent to the recycle bin. Fill your new toilet paper pot with soil and add your seeds.

2. Egg Carton Pots

Most families buy eggs from the store that come in pulp paper cartons. Once you have used all your eggs you have the perfect planting container for 12-24 little seedlings. You could plant more than one seed per cell but you will have to thin them as they grow. You need 2 things to create egg carton pots:

Take the pulp paper egg carton and cut the lid off. You can use the lid under the bottom of the egg carton if you want a little tray for them to rest in. Add soil to your egg cells and plant your seeds.

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3. Take Out Containers

There are lots of options you can use here. My family are huge fans of sushi and Chinese food. I always hate recycling all the containers that the food comes in when I can make them into containers for growing seeds. Any take-out container that can hold water can be used for starting seeds. Just make sure to add drainage holes to ensure your seedlings don’t stay too wet. Make sure to clean out the containers well so there is no leftover food residue.

  • Take Out Container
Two take out containers filled with seed starting soil. These act like mini greenhouses with the plastic lids on them
Take Out Container Pots

The ones I like best are the ones that have a clear plastic lid. Like a sushi container or the clear plastic clamshell container with the attached clear plastic lid. These work great because you can use those clear plastic lids to create a greenhouse effect to help get your seeds started. They help to keep the moisture in while the seeds are germinating and then you can remove the lid when the plants are almost touching the top of the lid.

Give the DIY Seed Starting Containers a Try!

Now that you are thinking about all the types of containers you already have in your house, why not try using them to start seeds? The opportunities are endless here on what you can use to make pots to start seeds. Better Home and Gardens has some additional ideas on making at-home pots if you need some additional inspiration. Leave a comment on this post letting me know some of the containers you have started seeds with. I am always looking for new, easy, and free ideas for pots since I start so many seeds for my garden each year.

Try my DIY Seed Starting Rack if you are starting larger quantities of seeds.

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