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Dehydrating Resources, Daily Planner, and Fresh Fruit Pages from my Preserving Planner product.

The Ultimate Preserving Planner! 

Preserve, plan, and savor the freshness and flavors of seasonal produce. My Preserving Planner is designed to make preserving simple and enjoyable, ensuring you can experience the joy of seasonal flavors year-round without the hassle.

Struggling to keep track of preserving activities?

Overwhelmed by Tasks

My planner is your practical, user-friendly tool for mastering the planning and tasks of food preservation.

Preservation Doubts

Tackle preservation with confidence! My preserving planner resources provide valuable insights into different preserving techniques, turning you into a preservation pro.

Too Much Food Waste

Say goodbye to the frustration of not knowing what to do with excess produce. My preserving planner has all you need for successful preservation.

Why You Need This Planner

All Methods Simplified

Whatever your preferred method of food preservation is, my planner has you covered. From canning, freezing, dehydrating, pickling, fermenting, and even freeze drying I’ve prioritized simplicity.

Detailed, Yet Effortless

My detailed preservation planner has sections to help break down the planning for each preservation method. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a detailed preserving plan.

Save, Savor, Satisfy

The preserving planner is your go-to tool to help save money and reduce food waste. Experience the satisfaction of crafting homemade meals with my all-encompassing and user-friendly planner.

Hi, I’m Robin

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I’m passionate about the art of preserving. My journey into the world of preservation began in 2003, starting with a tiny apartment balcony and a few containers of tomatoes. While my initial attempts yielded only small batches of canned goods (and a big mess in the kitchen), I developed a passion for preserving the bounties of nature. I quickly realized that to excel at preserving, I needed to continually learn and adapt my methods.

Now, after two decades of experience and a transition to a larger space, I’ve evolved into a seasoned preserver. My mission is to share the invaluable tips and tricks I’ve gathered along the way with fellow preservation enthusiasts who are just embarking on their own journey.

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